world's first fully circular baby rattle


play with environmentally friendly baby rattle made out of natural biomaterial Nuxit with clinking tree seeds inside it! play & plant!

Oreika is a baby rattle made of Nuxit® material that clings due to tree seeds in it. When your baby outgrows the rattle, don't throw it away but plant it: a new life will sprout out of it.

Personalize it with the name of your baby, choose the tree species and the way it sounds!

Not only is Oreika designed according to Montessori principles and the material itself has an educational note with its honest presence, but it also carries a message: a tree that will accompany your child during life.

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Oreika packing

Oreika rattle is a sustainable educational toy.

Oreika rattle
Oreika rattle
Oreika rattle
Oreika rattle
Oreika rattle
Oreika rattle

Choose the sound of Oreika baby rattle by choosing a tree species that you want to plant!

Oreika is made of a completely biodegradable biomaterial which means that after you are done with the product, the material will biodegrade completely once you plant it.

Our baby rattle has a special story behind (or better in) it. It holds seeds of tree species that you can plant in your region. Once your baby is done with the toy you can simply plant it and a new life will grow out of it as a memory of your child not being a baby any more.

There is a list of autochthonous tree species depending on your region. You can choose the sound of Oreika by choosing a specific tree seed that you want to plant as a lifetime memory growing together with your child! 👶 🌱

Prunus avium seed Play button Pause button
cherry tree
Prunus avium
Sorbus aria seed Play button Pause button
whitebeam tree
Sorbus aria
Tilia cordata seed Play button Pause button
linden tree
Tilia cordata
Pinus sylvestris seed Play button Pause button
pine tree
Pinus sylvestris